Social Media | Arrow 3.5 Live-Tweet

This week’s episode is “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”. That a superhero show has a long-running character who may be hiding parts of her past is like saying the Golden Age Vigilante dressed up like a cowboy. It’s an implicit tenet of superhero shows, especially vigilante dramas. The trick is to figure out which character adopts which identity. For instance, Laurel Lance doesn’t have to take over as Black Canary, although the direct connection to the Modern Age character’s name is an obvious tip-off.

The more interesting thing to me is this promo, and this Twitter post. At this point, I wonder if Arrow gives Jack Kirby credit for using his ideas, as Arrow’s tie-in comic explicitly mentions Brother Eye, and the show has referenced OMAC in previous episodes. I don’t understand why the supposed “most realistic” DC Entertainment live-action show needs to hint at Captain America of the future. Perhaps only the Arrow writers see The World That’s Coming!

As an aside, pick up Jack Kirby’s OMAC, and/or the Jack Kirby Omnibus featuring Green Arrow. Kirby’s DC work isn’t as well-known as his Marvel work, but then, Marvel just recently admitted how important the man is to its current bottom line. He is Jack “The King” Kirby, after all.

C. Archer
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