Social Media | The Flash (2014) 1.4 Live-Tweet

The thing that most annoys me about the first three episodes of The Flash is how non-Flash elements are shoehorned into the series so early – Multiplex, Java, STAGG Industries, Caitlin Snow, Ronnie Raymond, and The Mist – yes, the last one’s a Starman villain.

I realize The Flash and Arrow share the same executive producer in Greg Berlanti, and Metamorpho was hinted at in Arrow, yet The Flash is one of the founding Justice Society of America and Justice League of America members. The character boasts a one-season show on CBS, a film slated for 2018, and a wide cast of supporting characters. It’s like Superfriends establishing Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog’s backstories extensively, when the audience is there to watch the Justice League stop whatever crack plot the Hanna-Barbera employees shit out that episode, and to laugh at Aquaman.

On the plus side, Captain Cold appears for the first time, played by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller.

C. Archer
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