Social Media | Gloryosky Live-Tweet Schedule – Fall 2014

Since the debut of Gotham on September 22, 2014, I have live-tweeted certain shows – the DC Entertainment network shows, and selected Canadian television dramas – to see if this will become a more established thing for Gloryosky. While the live-tweets are partially there to make up for Gloryosky’s spotty 2014 update schedule, I have never followed shows like this in the seven seasons URBMN/Gloryosky has covered television. I will review shows on Gloryosky itself, as work and/or time constraints permit.

The shows being live-tweeted for fall 2014 are:

Arrow (CTV/The CW): October 8, 2014-November 12, 2014, December 3, 2014, 8:00 PM ET (ended after six episodes; weak live-tweet response; will return for crossover with The Flash)
Blackstone (APTN): November 11, 2014- , 10:00 PM ET
Constantine (Global/NBC): October 24, 2014- , 10:00 PM ET
Gotham (CTV/Fox): September 22, 2014-November 17, 2014, 8:00 PM ET (show goes on hiatus until January 2015)
Strange Empire (CBC): October 6, 2014-December 8, 2014, 9:00 PM ET (show goes on hiatus until January 2015; November 24, 2014 not covered due to power outage)
The Flash (CTV/The CW): October 7, 2014- , 8:00 PM ET

Stay tuned to Gloryosky for further updates. Keep in mind, I will stop live-tweeting a show if I lose personal interest in it, the response to the live-tweets aren’t enough for me to think the show’s worth continued coverage, and/or (this is the most obvious one) the show is cancelled.

Update (October 17, 2014): Due to CBC moving Ascension to winter 2015, Ascension is removed from the list. In its place is Blackstone, a show I’m surprised I forgot to list earlier.

Update (December 2, 2014): Updated to reflect Arrow’s status. Arrow was dropped on November 12, 2014, but due to the crossover between it and The Flash, it will be revived for that week only.

As always, follow the Gloryosky Twitter account for television-related news, promotion, and/or other relevant transmissions. Consume. Watch TV. Don’t kick ass and chew bubblegum.

C. Archer
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