News: Debut dates for Skins (US) and She’s the Mayor

The Movie Network and Movie Central will debut Skins, the North American version of the E4 teen series, on January 17, 2011.  Skins will air at 9:00 PM PT on Movie Central, while The Movie Network will screen the series at 10:00 PM ET.

Stars of the show are James Newman (Tony), Eleanor Zichy (Eura), Rachel Thevenard (Michelle), Britne Oldford (Cadie), Jesse Carere (Chris), Daniel Flaherty (Stanley), Sofia Black-D’Elia (Tea), Ron Mustafaa (Abbud) and Camille Cresencia-Mills (Daisy.)  Skins co-creator Brian Elsley showruns the format portover, while Call Me Fitz‘s Scott Smith and Testees‘ Samir Rehem direct.

I’ve touched on Skins before.  While this show isn’t 10/10 Canadian content like Call Me Fitz or Less Than Kind, it’s nice to have Skins on air a month after it’s finished shooting.  MTV has American rights to the program, and will debut the series January 2011.

This trailer for the MTV Skins debut is hated by Skins UK fans.  I’ve never tried either flavour of Skins, so this is all new to me, but Canada, you have been warned.  If this show doesn’t interest the hardcore fans the way the original Skins has, the fans are going to discard the new version like an aborted child.  Entertainment One might be walking into a hornet’s nest here.

As previously mentioned on URBMN’s Posterous account, She’s the Mayor will debut on VisionTV Friday, March 4, 2011, at 8:30 PM ET.  Jennifer Holness, Sudz Sutherland and Min Sook Lee are the show’s creators.

The show stars Janet-Laine Green as 64-year-old former school principal Iris Peters.  A native of Fairfax, she is goaded into Fairfax’s political scene by deputy mayor Bill Clarke (Scott Wentworth.)  Peters actually wins the mayoral race, becoming Clarke’s new boss in the process.

Along with Clarke, Peters has to contend with her live-at-home, ineffectual schemer son Stanley (Paul Constable.)  Other characters include Peters’ former pupil Maxine (Tonya Lee Williams), ambitious conspiracy theorist Trevor (Joseph Motiki), seventy-something ex-Korean secret serviceman Mr. Lee (Denis Akitama), and career bureaucrat Scott (Colin Mochrie.)

I mention Britcoms more than I do She’s the Mayor in my Posterous link.  Having not seen the show, which won’t debut for a while, I’m not sure what to think of it.  Part of me thinks She’s the Mayor will be an embarrassingly broad comedy for the 50+ set.

At the same time, VisionTV’s British comedy block is of surprisingly good quality these days.  Given how 2011 will see the VisionTV debuts of Open All Hours and Only Fools and Horses…., She’s the Mayor can’t afford to be worse by comparison.

Fun fact: this URBMN post starts with teens and ends with a senior-aged authority figure.  I’d like to think this is a metaphor for life, but I’m just promoting shows that may or may not be good.  That the two stories tie together is just good timing.

C. Archer
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