News: Picnicface‘s first season “announced” by Breakthrough Films & Television

This is one of the better stories I’ve posted on URBMN.  A Picnicface television series, imaginatively titled Picnicface, has been added to Breakthrough Films & Television’s website.  Both Breakthrough and The Comedy Network are responsible for the series.

Breakthrough announces Picnicface as “in keeping with the great tradition of Canadian sketch comedy shows like SCTV or Kids in the Hall.”  While I’m not sold on Breakthrough’s hype, Picnicface have gained their own measure of notoriety.

Picnicface, a Halifax, Nova Scotia troupe, found notoriety with the “Powerthirst” YouTube short.  The short debuted on May 28, 2007, and has over 21 million views as of this writing.

Following the success of “Powerthirst,” Picnicface mounted some videos for, including “Powerthirst 2 – Re-Domination,” “NFL Crunchtime,” “Super Bingo” and “Lawyers.”  Picnicface member Mark Little was also hired to shill Brawndo: the Thirst Mutilator, a real version of the fake product featured in Mike Judge’s 2006 film Idiocracy.

Powerthirst would eventually gain its own real-world spinoff, so Powerthirst has even won at irony.  Never dispute the lasting power of chorus, reverb and haphazardly assembled random clipart.

The Breakthrough link comes from Picnicface member Scott Vrooman.  CTVglobemedia hasn’t officially announced Picnicface‘s first season, much less when it will air, but this is the first indication that the show is out of development.

For those not familiar with Picnicface’s work, here are a few sketches.  One of them is the second “Powerthirst” sequel, but I like that “Powerthirst 3: Powermost” is set to a punk song.  It makes the portmanteaus more punk.  PUNKMANTEAUS!

Addendum (November 30, 2010) | Here’s a press release from The Comedy Network.  Mark McKinney is Picnicface‘s executive producer/showrunner.  The show begins principal production next spring.

C. Archer
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