News: Sugar Sammy and Dan for Mayor Season 1 on DVD Jan. 18, 2011

Both Sugar Sammy Live in Concert: Direct from Montreal and Dan for Mayor‘s first season will be released on DVD by Video Service Corp., on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.  Dan for Mayor‘s season set contains two discs, while Sugar Sammy Live in Concert has one.

Sugar Sammy Live in Concert aired on HBO Canada in June 2009.  I was at first wary of Samir Khullar (d/b/a Sugar Sammy), given that he’s become successful in Russell Peters’ arena, but I like Sugar Sammy better than Peters.  Sugar Sammy is definitely one of the better Canadian stand-up comics of recent years.

Sugar Sammy Live in Concert: Direct from Montreal‘s bonus features include unedited B-roll, “extra performances from Just For Laughs Toronto,” and promos.  Seriously…B-roll.  I wish I could make this stuff up, and I tend to like what VSC is doing.

I have a feeling this will sell more copies than Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters, for two reasons.  One, this DVD is of an actual special, not two episodes of Comedy Now!  Two, it’s an HBO Canada special.  If this leads to Living in Your Car and Less Than Kind season sets, I won’t complain.

Here are the opening few minutes of Sugar Sammy’s Comedy Now! episode.  Note the barb about Quebec.  It’s very rare that you hear that much of a groan from a Comedy Now! audience.  The show’s laugh track is still sweetened like Diet Coke, but less than usual here.  Also, Super Paki.  Bhangra!  WOOO!

Dan for Mayor is Fred Ewanuick’s post-Corner Gas sitcom, part of CTV’s effort to split the Corner Gas fanbase.  Given that VSC’s covered the entirety of Corner Gas on DVD, I’m not surprised VSC has nailed this title down.

Dan for Mayor‘s first-season box set contains three cast and crew commentaries, as well as creator, director and cast interviews.  A “viral promo” is included, whatever that is.

I’m no fan of Dan for Mayor.  It’s rather bland and unfunny.  Both this and Hiccups (which is awful) lost around 75% of their initial audiences before their first seasons ended.

I’ll still list Dan for Mayor‘s first-season set, since the show is high-profile.  I realize I undercut my sales by speaking ill of the product I’m promoting, but it’s not like shows I like are hitting stores soon.  I want Cra$h & Burn, damn it!

C. Archer
Le Social