News: Tish Cohen to post fiction on Twitter for TVO’s Empire of the Word

To promote TVOntario’s four-part documentary series Empire of the Word, author Tish Cohen will serialize a work of fiction on TVO’s Twitter account from today until November 25.

TVO will debut Empire of the Word November 25 at 10:00 PM ET, as part of The View From Here.  TVO will make each Empire of the Word episode available online following broadcast.  The show is hosted by Alberto Manguel, author of A History of Reading.

I’m not impressed with the work posted on TVO’s Twitter account thus far.  The main problem with serializing something on Twitter is the nature of “lifestream” services.  The most recent post goes first, followed by the second-most recent, and so on.  The story reads backwards on a Twitter page, unless one goes to the trouble of reading the posts in reverse chronological order.  In addition, a post unrelated to the story interrupts the story’s flow.

I figure TVO is doing this intentionally.  Given Empire of the Word‘s focus and the way it’s being promoted, it wouldn’t surprise me.  At any rate, TVO has a far better grasp of Twitter than Margaret Atwood.  If Mondoville doesn’t have disdain for this stunt, TVO must be doing something right.

C. Archer
Le Social