News: Blackstone and The Time Traveler pilots on APTN November 24

APTN will debut two dramatic series pilots, Blackstone and The Time Traveler, on November 24, 2009.  Blackstone will air at 9:00 PM, The Time Traveler at 10:00 PM across the three time zones APTN reaches.  APTN HD will also screen the two pilots, starting at 9:00 PM ET.

I actually want to see The Time Traveler.  The show bigs up its 14-member crew and “indie” approach, so The Time Traveler can’t be accused of wasting its budget.  This is show creator Richard Story’s first foray into television, after two feature films (Some Letters to a Young Poet, Echo Lake) and over seventy shorts.

Blackstone is about First Nations reserve corruption.  I’m surprised there’s a show on APTN tackling aboriginal politics, as APTN usually airs dramedies and variety shows.  It’s about time a show like Blackstone was on APTN, even if it is a pilot.

Hopefully, both Blackstone and The Time Traveler are good enough to make series.  While I’m reserving judgment on the pilots until they air, APTN could use at least one hour-long dramatic series.  Maybe one of the shows will be as successful as Rabbit Fall, but I’m not holding my breath.

C. Archer
Le Social