Paolini’s Pizza is Bigger Than Yours!

While writing an article about my local television stations, I stumbled on a commercial for Paolini’s, an Italian eatery which may or may not have become Cup of Joe’s – Paolini’s Family Restaurant.  Said commercial is…well, you’d have to see it to believe it.

Paolini’s sells its pizzas as being made with “homemade dough” and “100% mozzarella.”  Wow, homemade dough?  That’s quite the USP, Paolini’s.  The commercial is complete amateur hour, even by 1989 standards.

I like how the owner of the joint pretends to buy a pizza from one of the cooks.  Said cook shakes the owner’s hand, then continues spinning pizza dough.  I’m sure it’s a demonstration for the camera, but geez.

Other commercials, station bumpers and other ephemera can be found at Retrontario’s awesome YouTube account.  Fans of local New York/Ontario television will enjoy these clips, a reminder of how fun local television was before it was mashed into a bland paste.

C. Archer
Le Social