News: Teletoon Pilot Project to launch online

Two years after it was first announced, the Teletoon Pilot Project will finally be streamed online through and will contain the WebHD stream, while those flocking to will have to make do with standard definition.

French-speaking viewers can go to (WebHD) and (SD.)  One pilot will debut every Friday starting October 23, 2009.

The ten pilots will also be screened at the 2009 Ottawa International Animation Festival from tonight until Saturday, October 17.  Each screening starts at 11:30 PM, with three to four pilots being screened each night.  The titles being screened are as follows:

Ninjamaica (Lenz Entertainment: October 16)
Angora Napkin (Mugisha Enterprises: October 15)
Dunce Bucket (Nunchucks Pilot Inc./Fresh TV Inc.: October 16)
Nerdland (Cuppa Coffee Studios: October 15)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (CINEMARIA: October 17)
The Wireless Family (Encore Television: October 15)
Celebutard Nation (Nelvana: October 16)
Space Knights (Fatkat Animation: October 17)
Chinatown Cops (Portfolio Entertainment: October 17)
Fugget About It (9 Story Entertainment: October 16)

Off the bat, I know one show might not make it to series, Space Knights.  Fatkat Animation is dead, to the point that it liquidated a foosball table.  Fatkat founder Gene Fowler has since founded Loogaroo.

It’s nice to see Teletoon finally go ahead with the Pilot Project, although I’d like to see conventional television debuts down the line.  Teletoon recently greenlit Crash Canyon for Teletoon at Night, so it’s taken steps to pump new adult animation into the pipeline.  It’s about time.  One can’t subsist on a diet of Clone High and Tripping the Rift forever.

Note: as of the time I publish this, the sites are not yet active.  You’d think Teletoon would have the sites up before prepping its media release, but no.  This channel is goofy at times.

C. Archer
Le Social