News: Testees cancelled by FX; Canadian future still up in the air

I’ve seen information on a few Twitter updates and at least one blog stating that Testees will receive a second season in Canada.  FX President John Landgraf has said at the Summer 2009 Television Critics’ Association press tour that Testees will continue in Canada.  It has been officially cancelled by FX, so bad luck for the American fans.

I recently contacted Michelle Lemmon, publicity coordinator for Canwest Broadcasting, about Testees‘ Canadian future.  Testees‘ Canadian network is Showcase, which is owned by Canwest.   I received a reply on August 7 stating that “a decision has not been made about the future of the series.”  I’ve called her for a followup, but as of Friday, August 7 at 2:01 PM ET, Showcase has not officially renewed Testees for a second season.  I know there are fans of this series – I’m not one of them, but there are fans.  I’ll update this post when news develops.

Addendum (November 9, 2009) | Going through, I dredged up some interesting information.  Testees is listed as having 26 episodes, according to this page.

Since the first season was 13 episodes long, this is the first concrete evidence I’ve seen that Testees will continue past its first season.  This doesn’t mean the episodes have been/will be produced, as Showcase hasn’t formally announced a second season for Testees.

In the meantime, Kenny Hotz fans have the sixth season of Kenny vs. Spenny to look forward to.  They’re hardly hurting…well, unless they’re in America, where Comedy Central shunted Kenny vs. Spenny to 2:30 AM Sundays.  I’m just surprised I can write “sixth season of Kenny vs. Spenny” and not be full of shit.

C. Archer
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