For Those Reading The Pre-WordPress Blogs

As of July 16, 2009, I’ve overhauled the two Blogger blogs.  Both are now on a generic Blogger template, as the old template (i.e., add this to your Kinja Digest et al.) was ridiculously out of date.  The comments ran on an ancient script that no one uses anymore due to Blogger implementing comments.  Essentially, I decided that it wasn’t worth it to keep the Blogger blogs in their previous state, open function.fopen links and all.

Frankly, everything before 2005 is embarrassing as shit for me.  I might not keep the Blogger blogs active for much longer.  If you’re wondering why they changed, that’s why.  I’m sure you’re just champing at the bit to read five-year-old articles about me begging for PayPal donations and see crappy pixel drawings of Guilmon with hockey hair.  What was I thinking five years ago?!  Come to think of it, what the hell am I thinking now?

C. Archer
Le Social