TV Review | Tosh.0 1.1, 1.2

I don’t like Daniel Tosh as a comedian.  His snarky sense of humour, as seen on Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious, doesn’t appeal to me.  He’s less predictable than Dane Cook, a man Tosh is often compared to, and his stuff is intelligently written.  I don’t find Tosh funny, but he’s not the worst comic I’ve seen.

Tosh is a good choice to star in a show making fun of viral videos.  Tosh.0 (The Comedy Network: premiered June 10, 10:30 PM ET/PT) is Comedy Central’s answer to G4’s Web Soup and VH1’s Web Junk 20.  Naturally, there’s a “Tosh.0 is a ripoff of Web Soup” thread at’s forums.

Tosh.0 is fairly low-concept – show a video, watch Daniel Tosh make fun of it.  Specific segments like “Web Redemption” are added in to break the monotony, but it’s Tosh making fun of viral video culture for the most part.  The show would be straight filler if not for the individual segments.

“Web Redemption” is the best segment on the show.  Internet celebrities like Afro Ninja and Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 are given a chance to make right their popularized wrongs.  While this segment could easily become mean-spirited, Tosh.0 doesn’t go that route.  Tosh.0 should pick more recent videos for the segment, since the Internet rots faster than one can say “full of fail.”

“Celebrity Video” is another matter.  In the debut episode, Dave Attell and Bree Olson play beer pong.  Being a porn star, Olson plays her own predictable way.

David Koechner orders roses in the second episode, delivering a special message to his wife in the process.  I’m amazed at seeing David Koechner on television.  Add to that a Kato Kaelin appearance in the first episode, and it’s like 1996 just farted in my face.  I know Koechner’s a character actor, but his name doesn’t scream “Internet culture.”  I don’t even know if Koechner’s name screams.

Tosh.0 is too slight to be anything.  The premise is thin.  The show’s not bad, but there’s little substance to it.  There is almost no difference between Tosh.0 and Most Outrageous Moments, which is the kiss of death if you’re trying to sell Daniel Tosh to a general audience.  I’ll be amazed if Comedy Central gets more than one season out of this thing.

C. Archer
Le Social