Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (December 17, 2008)

Press release for Tripping the Rift‘s third-season DVD set.  I wonder why Anchor Bay’s bothering to sell this to non-fans.  Sci-Fi blew through the third season.  Teletoon currently airs the series every night at 11:30 PM, which is the ass-end of the Detour block.  I think the marketplace has made its decision on Tripping the Rift by now.

Also, here’s more Tripping the Rift box art.  The box art claims “…more fun than a fifty-kronig lap dance!”  Like Chode, the blurb lies.

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World gets a second-season set.  Cuppa Coffee Studios animates the series, so this counts as Canadian.  I find Rick & Steve unfunny and pedantic, so naturally it’s a good fit with the Tripping the Rift news.

The Best Years‘ first season out March 10, 2009 through Koch Vision.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show and I’m not crazy about the series, just like I’m not crazy about most shows set in college.  Nevertheless, Global gave the show a fair shake last season, so it’s worth a look.

Two Stargate SG-1 direct-to-video films, The Ark of Truth and Continuum, are being rebundled by Fox for a March 3, 2009 release.  Standard DVD and Blu-ray versions of the films are affected by the rebundling.

If you’ve bought the two films separately and/or pre-ordered the Blu-ray version of The Ark of Truth, this news has to be a piss-off.  No doubt the repack will sell well, Stargate being the newest deathless sci-fi franchise with a strong fanbase.

Hmm, maybe I should review one of the films and mention how I’ve never seen a full episode of Stargate SG-1 prior to seeing said film.  Throw in a comment about how Richard Dean Anderson sucks and that’s sure to piss off a lot of people!  My God, I’ve found my reviewing formula!  I’M A GENIUS!

C. Archer
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