Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (November 3, 2008)

Woo!  Tripping the Rift Season Three box art!  One of Chode’s tentacles is cupping Six’s right breast and is asking whether that’s deliberate.  No, it’s not.  Tripping the Rift is also more hilarious than ten Mystery Science Theaters 3000!  I’m not at all being sarcastic!

Here’s the official press release for Super Dave’s Super Stunt Spectacular Volume One.  GAT Productions is handling PR for this title.  I wonder if this compilation will have a Tilden Rent-a-Car mention.

Variety article about consolidation in the global entertainment industry.  It mentions Alliance Films and Entertainment One.  Entertainment One owns Koch and Séville Pictures, and Variety specifically mentions E1’s desire for more TV and DVD content.

E1 recently announced a “reverse takeover” of DHX Media.  Hooray, the prospect of Chop Socky Chooks on DVD!  I’ll go vomit now.

Giant Tiger recently announced $19.99 and $29.99 box set sales, which usually include Canadian TV-on-DVD titles.  The sale ends November 5, although box sets come in from time to time.  Don’t worry if you miss a sale – they occur frequently.

What I saw at the Campbellford, Ontario store on November 1:

The Forest Rangers Season One Volume Two: Episodes 21-40
The Greatest Canadian

Corner Gas Season Two
Corner Gas Season Five
The Outer Limits (new series) Season Four

The fact that Giant Tiger had the fifth season of Corner Gas stunned the hell out of me.  Usually Giant Tiger doesn’t get DVDs that recent, since the fifth-season set hasn’t been out a month.

The fourth season of the new Outer Limits series isn’t listed on, which is nuts.  There are also six-episode single-disc Outer Limits compilations, but those discs can be safely ignored.

If anyone sees a Canadian TV-on-DVD set being sold at the Giant Tiger, post the show name and sticker price in the comments section of this blog entry.  Canadian TV-on-DVD sets often retail for $10-$20.  Sometimes they’re even relegated to the $6.88 pile or worse.  It’s annoying sifting through ten copies of Stranger Than Fiction and twenty copies of The Others just to get to something interesting.

Finally, for those who shop at, I have an aStore dedicated to Canadian TV-on-DVD.  Someone has to go through the morass that is  It’s like, only shambolic and poorly organized.  In other words, it’s like the Canadian entertainment industry.

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