Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (October 20, 2008)

The first season of the new George of the Jungle series is being released in Canada on October 28th.  The “Jungle Bells” Christmas special will be available as a stand-alone release.  I’m sure the Christmas special will make appearances in $2.99 budget bins within a year, since stand-alone releases are so necessary.

This is on a list of Canadian TV-on-DVD releases as the new George of the Jungle is a Teletoon “Original Production.”  Teletoon has a habit of calling properties “Original Productions” if a Canadian animation studio involves itself with a certain show.  I would be more partial to the new George of the Jungle if it was funny or watchable.

Hi-res box art for Morningstar’s Villains Showdown and Heroes sets.  Aside from a name change (Heroes Unite to Heroes), nothing has changed about the box sets.

Some news about The Collector‘s first-season DVD set, to be released November 4 through Morningstar.  I admit I missed this one until now, since I didn’t know The Collector was a Canadian series.  Every time I think I know a lot about Canadian TV, a story like this comes and slaps me upside the head for being stupid.

This is becoming a Morningstar-centric edition of the Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup.  Ron James: Back Home, James’ fourth one-hour comedy special, comes out tomorrow.  As much as I like the man, I think his “I’m from the Maritimes but I work somewhere else” schtick wore itself out after his second comedy special.  He’s drained that well by now.

Now Stewart Francis and Jon Steinberg, those guys are hilarious.  I know I’d buy a Jon Steinberg DVD if it came out.  Russell Peters endorses Steinberg, and that has to count for something.

C. Archer
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