It Came From Rottrevore

Rottrevore is an Indonesian record company and metal webzine that has existed since the late 1990s.  When the site came up with its first issue…well, let me explain.  I was trying to establish myself in the metal webzine world in 1999-2000 by fishing for e-mail addresses and band contacts.  It took me until mid-2003 to realize that spamming bands is a terrible way to procure review material.  I still read a few music sites and try to immerse myself in the metal scene as a contributor to Unrestrained!, but back in my formative years (essentially everything I did until 2003) I used to read a lot of metal webzines.  I know, “fanzines are shit,” that’s the retarded generalization some people use.  Those people are even more stunted intellectually than I am.

Rottrevore #1, essentially a page of reviews and an interview, was the worst attempt at a webzine that I’d ever seen.  It still is, really – blood bars and sites done entirely in Netscape Composer aren’t de rigueur these days, not when there’s Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver to pirate and half of America has high-speed Internet.  Rottrevore has improved greatly and actually become respectable these days, but the early days of the Internet saw some frankly horrid writing and site design.  Everyone who had an opinion, a computer and a Geocities account could start a webzine, and that’s what the underground metal site world pretty much was in those days.

Even for the standards of the time, though, Rottrevore was shit.  I’m not picking on Indonesians, but some of the most horrible attempts at promoting the metal scene on the Internet came (still come?) from that country.  People familiar with sites like Atifah Netzine might understand what I’m talking about.  For those that don’t, here are some reviews from the first, FortuneCity-hosted Rottrevore.

More sick and more,more,more,more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This extreme death/grind concept and destructive has bring them to create second full lenght under two lables
on April 1999.Their line up is perfectly enough to kill your girlfriend and give the meet to dogs.This promo contains of two dangerous songs so much hateful energy that even
an angel must be like to kill………
for more info/interview click here

There is nothing funnier than the opening tirade to this review.  When I read this site in 2000, I laughed at that “More sick and more,more,more,more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” line for at least five minutes.  In 2006, I still laugh at that line for more than five minutes.  It is the worst line to ever appear in a music review.  Indonesian sites are (or were, I don’t know how much death metal and/or its fans have improved over there – at least Rottrevore has) written in the worst English allowable by law.  This was bad even for the relaxed grammar of Indonesian metal sites back then.  Frankly, there’s no way reviews could be worse than this, as evinced by the fact that I haven’t found a site worse than what Rottrevore started out as.

That’s a good thing, by the way.  That doesn’t mean I don’t come face to BLOODY ROTTING SKULL with bad English and “HAIL SETAN”-isms to this day.  It’s a willfully stupid music genre, this “metal.”

Quite extreme,sadist,high voltage…………..
BRUTAL CORPSE has won over the most ultra high of Death metal enthusiast with excited tempo and powerful phenomenal drumworks.
Check out “Resurrection”,”suicide”,”Out of normallity” are their no speed limits.Born from DEATHVOMIT city has losed all bands before them.
This is agrressive force!!!!!!!!!Yeahhhhhh….god give me nothing!!!!
contact : Anggeng
Jl.menukan 10
Yogyakarta 55153

I love the interjections coming from the Rottrevore writer.  There’s the usual “this is brutal” and “God sucks” patter, written so poorly as to be comedy classics.  Considering this is from an Asian source, I wonder which god the writer’s talking about.  It might be the Christian God, it might be a Hindu god or it might be a piece of sidewalk.  Whatever God is being talked about must obviously suck, of course – you know, metal kayfabe.  FUCK YOU, GENERIC GODLIKE BEING!  HAIL GENERIC POLAR OPPOSITE!

I will admit there are some lucid words in this review, but those words are limited to “powerful phenomenal drumworks.”  The rest is all broken English and cliché.

For years, I thought Brutal Corpse’s album title included the word “skull!!!!”  It turns out that whatever browser I was using (I was an early user of Opera until the browser started crashing every five seconds) didn’t recognize the blink tag.  Yes, I included the blink tag in this article to recreate the true Rottrevore experience.  I didn’t include the blood bar, though.  Those things are always dire.

One of the most brutal “high class” death band in Jakarta has already prove theirself to spread their sickness and wild to exterminate things as far as we can see
Blasting drums,intense riffs guitars make your ears bleed.
It put DELIRIUM TREMENS is one of incredible band in Indonesia,you must enjoy this bloody brutal death gore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
contact : Jolly
Jl. Kramat Lontar VI/j 141
Jakarta 10440

I MUST ENJOY THIS BLOODY BRUTAL DEATH GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MORE SICK AND MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE AND MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEAHHHHHH….GOD GIVE ME NOTHING!!!!  I know Indonesia isn’t nearly as developed a country as Canada.  Still, even factoring in Australasian enthusiasm for metal and grindcore, I’m surprised no one was embarrassed putting that on the Internet.  A “high class” gore band?  Aren’t the terms “gore” and “high class” mutually exclusive?  At least the Rottrevore writer describes what Delirium Tremens do, so that’s a plus.

Funnily, I don’t think any of the bands reviewed by Rottrevore managed to break out of their local scenes, not that being local is in any way a bad thing.  I somehow always manage to confuse this band with the Swedish label of the same name.  Considering most Indonesian bands are anathema to a lot of the civilized world I don’t think Delirium Tremens have much of a name on the world stage.  Hell, they may have broken up four years ago.  I don’t follow the Indonesian metal scene that closely.

Contain six songs brutal grind showing the drummers power which is unbelievable,very very fast than
even FERRARY will think before it act!”stamping on holy cross”and “rotten smell” as prove.
Horrific vocals from IMPIOUS is enough to kill your mama!!!!!
Dave from LIVIDITY must be aggree about that.
contact : IMPIOUS
Jl.jeruk no.62 B BINTARO
Pesanggarahan Jakarta Selatan 12320

One thing that’s notable about the Indonesian death metal and grindcore scenes is that bands employ very fast drummers.  Those Indonesians love speed.  Still, who is this Ferrary?  Is he/she/it one of those transforming robot cars from Space Thunder Kids or just some random Indonesian?  Whatever Ferrary is, he/she/it better think before rushing headlong into brutal grind.

I learned a lot from this review.  A member of an underground American death metal band must agree that Impious’ vocalist can kill mothers with sound, for instance.  The drummer’s power is unbelievable, too.  Songs like “Rotten Smell” and “Stamping on Holy Cross” prove it!  This is in no way a badly worded review!  How could something from FortuneCity be crap, anyway?  I suck!

COB is brutal gore influenced by CANNIBAL CORPSE,just hear the hammer-on technic guitars,and half of
High speed running tempo,arise from Jakarta.This is fucking sick album!intense riffs,growl vocals
clench hands into fists,it make grinding our teeth!
contact : Porry
Jl.kamboja II no.14
Rawamangun jakarta 13220

Somewhere in that morass of improper sentence structure and descriptors can be found what needs to be known about Corporation of Bleeding (dumb name for a band, but this is Indonesia.)  They sound like Cryptopsy, have Cannibal Corpse-like lyrics, and are high-tempo.  Why not just say that instead of writing this stream-of-consciousness shit?

I was going to make a cheap joke about technical guitars being hit with hammers, but the review’s so nondescript that it’s just not worth the bother.  I might complain about bad metal bands, the metal scene’s celebration of its own ignorance and/or band names like I Shit On Your Face.  I can’t remember any metal sites on the web that were or all poorer overall than original Rottrevore, and I’ve been following this shit since 1999.  It’s a good thing Rottrevore improved, because I can’t really see how the site could get worse.

I’m sure I’ve offended some metal fans by writing this article.  If me making fun of half-assed reviews is enough for you to tell me off for doing so, please get a hobby.  Alternatively, drink some cyanide.  Do some of you anal-retentive types even know how to smile?  I know it’s not kvlt, but just try.


C. Archer
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