A few UR milestones.

You may have noticed the fact that UR and URBMN now sport Google AdSense bars (as have antecedent blogs The UR Blog and URMN since 2004).  I’m using AdSense again now for two reasons.  For one thing, I’ve been a hop, a skip and a jump from being skint lately.  No, thank you, OSAP payments.  I’m applying for interest relief until I actually have a proper job.  Anyone want to hire a Film Studies graduate?  I’m planning on doing freelance work for CBC Radio.  I know, I’m intensely critical of CBC Radio and I’m gunning for a job there!  I’m a “hypocrite,” I admit it!  Why don’t you admit it, too?

Strangely enough, three people actually clicked on the various ads AdSense throws out from time to time today.  This isn’t outwardly worthy of news, but I’ve never had more than two clicks before.  At the risk of being trite, keep it up.  It keeps me affirmed that what I do is worthwhile.  If anything discourages me, it’s not knowing who the hell my audience is.  I’m not a shill, but this site costs me good money to keep up.  It’d be nice to say that I’m pure, I’d never sell out to commercial interests bla bla bla.  Reality is different.  I’m not selling cynicism, but I am selling myself.  Saying that AdSense or any other referral program compromises me is pure and utter naïveté.  If I’m selling porn here, though, then I’m selling out as it compromises who I am as a writer and a man of some ethics.

Finally, for the first time ever, no one has searched my site for the term ‘girlfeet.’  Has UR finally turned a corner?  I don’t know, but you people are getting smarter or something.  Take a look at this chart – this might be the most historic thing to happen to this site.  It won’t last, but people are finally starting to understand what UR is about.  All I have to say is…after two years, it’s about damn time.

C. Archer
Le Social