WGN-Tweet | iZombie 1.6, The Messengers 1.2

This week’s “live”-tweet of The Messengers is a misnomer. It’s a live-tweet of the WGN (not WGN America – Bell TV carries the local Chicago feed) airing of the show, on Saturday, April 25, 2015. I “live”-tweeted iZombie 1.6 from a recorded source later in the night. Given that both iZombie and The Messengers are on shomi in Canada, it makes live-tweeting the shows dicey.

I might review/give thoughts on iZombie and/or The Messengers on the weeks WGN gives the shows a “special” (read: preempted for sports) date and time. It’s baseball season. Call the preemptions what they are. Go, Cubs.

The first two episodes of The Messengers are essentially build-up for an angel-war/superhero hybrid. Even if The Messengers moves the plot along more than it has so far, more people watched Cedric’s Barber Battle and Whose Line Is It Anyway? than The Messengers last Friday. CEDRIC’S BARBER BATTLE!

I don’t even like The Messengers, yet I feel sorry for the show. It’s the anti-iZombie. iZombie takes an overexposed concept (just guess), and finds a workable formula with room to experiment. With The Messengers, it’s angels versus (groans) The Four Horsemen and The Man. I’d excuse The Messengers its premise, but I don’t think the character development is strong enough at this point. I also don’t think The Messengers denies it’s Heroes with angel wings. If it keeps pulling 0.2 ratings in the 18-to-49 demo, I don’t see The Messengers finishing its season.

Live-tweet sessions:

iZombie 1.6 (“Virtual Reality Bites”)
The Messengers 1.2 (“Strange Magic”)

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