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Apologies for not updating the Gloryosky live-tweets in a timely fashion these past couple of weeks. To make up for this, I will hide three weeks of Storify curations behind a WordPress more tag.

To be honest, Constantine is improving, albeit not enough for NBC to order the back nine episodes for its first season. Most likely, Constantine won’t return for a second season, which isn’t surprising for a nerfed version of Hellblazer in a Friday night death slot.

It’s a shame, as Constantine is actually the DC live-action show most faithful to the comics it adapts storylines from. Whereas Gotham hinges on the end result that Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, and Berlanti’s shows attempt a live-action version of the Timm/Diniverse, Constantine draws from the early years of Hellblazer. Adaptations of funnybook storylines – what an odd concept.

Is Constantine what it could be? Hell no; broadcast television is not a good fit for the chain-smoking, profane con artist. That point was texted before the NBC upfront. At the same time, I believe showrunners Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer want to make as good a version of Constantine as network and budget constraints allow. Episodes four through six are the best so far in the show’s run, yet that might not be enough to give Constantine a second-season renewal. Frankly, Constantine needs cable.

At least Constantine doesn’t have The Flash (2014)’s current problem of saying “OUR SUPERHERO LEARNS HOW TO DO THIS THING!” every week, while Harrison Wells is MYSTERIOUS! and possibly connected to the New Gods, and Cisco names a villain also connected to the New Gods, as he’s Vibe. Barry Allen will eventually beat up science. John Constantine will rabbit-punch the back of your head, in the moments when he actually wins a fight. I like The Flash, yet it doesn’t have Constantine’s more pragmatic worldview.

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