TV Review | Kenny vs. Spenny 6.1 – “Who Can 69 the Longest?”

Warning: spoilers.

Kenny vs. Spenny (Showcase: Friday, 9:00 PM ET) is gloriously dumb and offensive.  The reaction to the show ranges from “entertaining trainwreck” to just “trainwreck.”

Granted, Kenny vs. Spenny isn’t dumb by accident.  Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice know exactly what they’re doing.  Kenny is the devious, cheating frat boy, while Spenny is the sanctimonious fair fighter.  The show works due to the relationship between the two protagonists, The Odd Couple meets jackass.

I can’t even review “Who Can 69 the Longest?,” Kenny vs. Spenny‘s sixth-season premiere, properly.  I just spent twenty-odd minutes of my life watching two people huddle themselves in a well-known sexual position.  How can you review that objectively?  Not that I review anything objectively for URBMN, but still.

This is one of those Kenny vs. Spenny episodes where both Kenny and Spenny are in pain.  Spenny even tries to give the audience pain, with his didactic global warming speech.

“Who Can 69 the Longest?” reaches another level when the Kenny vs. Spenny crewmembers, figuring the show’s latest stunt is boring, abuse Kenny and Spenny any way they can.  The two are thrown into a skydiving simulator, stuffed into a hearse and doused with a fire hose, among other things.

One rarely sees the crew take it out on both participants.  Kenny still lobs random potshots at Spenny despite the crewmembers abusing them.  I wasn’t sure if Kenny vs. Spenny still had the ability to be audacious.  “Who Can 69 the Longest?” put that theory to, uh, bed.

“Who Can 69 the Longest?” makes me wonder if the rest of Kenny vs. Spenny‘s sixth season will be tame by comparison.  I wasn’t laughing much at this episode, yet I won’t soon forget it.  I’m just amazed an episode titled “Who Can 69 the Longest?” doesn’t feature a sex act, yet isn’t flagrantly false advertising.  Only Kenny vs. Spenny could get away with such a blatant bait-and-switch.

C. Archer
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