News: Life’s a on indefinite hiatus

When Teletoon debuted its 2009-10 fall schedule earlier this year, Life’s a wasn’t mentioned.  Cuppa Coffee Studios has produced twenty episodes of the show, of which the first thirteen aired on Teletoon in 2008-09.

Kate Dickson, communications supervisor at Teletoon, has confirmed that the seven leftover Life’s a episodes won’t be airing until at least midseason 2010.  No concrete air dates have been given for Life’s a‘s “second” season.

Teletoon Detour’s strategy this fall relies on reruns of programs like Bromwell High, King of the Hill and John Callahan’s Quads!, plus new episodes of [adult swim] fare such as Metalocalypse.  I still can’t wrap my head around the decision to rerun eight-year-old episodes of Quads!, but that’s Teletoon.  I guess Total Drama Action and Stoked have higher priority.  Ah, well.

C. Archer
Le Social