The Gloryosky FAQyosky, Version 3.1 (June 22, 2016)

What is Gloryosky about?

As of June 1, 2014, Gloryosky is a media and ephemeral culture site. The heaviest focus is on Canadian television.

Why will you change the name of the site from URBMN to Gloryosky?

Simply put, there was confusion between URBMN and Sweetposer Entertainment was, until recently, the company name I used to represent URBMN. People spelled the site name Sweet Poser,, and generally choked the name like a sweetposing chicken. No one – aside from me – knew what the URBMN initials stood for, either. will be the site’s official address, at some point.

What did the URBMN initials stand for?

Nothing. They were five letters that sounded good together. The UR part of URBMN used to stand for Unbelievably Retarded; URBMN used to stand for Unbelievably Retarded Blog Music News. For obvious reasons, I scrubbed this from my official history.

Why Gloryosky, then? Doesn’t this swap one vague identity for another?

It’s a famous exclamation uttered by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder’s Little Annie Fanny, from the Playboy comic of the same name. People get that exclamation wrong, spelling it gloriosky.

Simply put, the new name is as vague as the old one, but sounds less like I’m making porn – ironic, given where Little Annie Fanny appeared.

Why do you cover Canadian television? It’s badly-acted, and shitty. I hate the lighting, as well.

I noticed that most television sites written by Canadians rarely focused on Canadian television. There is TV, eh?, to which I occasionally contributed in its first incarnation. The overall system is better in 2016, yet – in my opinion – there is still a need for Gloryosky.

I’m not saying Canadian television is uniformly good. That would be a lie. Some shows are very good, but are not well-promoted. This has been a perpetual thorn in the industry’s side. While I can’t say Gloryosky fills a void, I try to bring attention to underpromoted shows.

Do you cover American/British/etc. shows?

Sometimes. I tend to cover shows I’m interested in.

Do you just cover current shows?

No. I sometimes talk about older shows.

Do you review shows on DVD/Blu-ray/OTT services? What about webseries?

Sometimes, and sometimes. Depends where I make my money.

How come the site’s name is Gloryosky and the address is or will appear at some point. When that point is, I can’t tell you. Depends where I make my money.

Do you have a mailing and/or e-mail address?

Cameron Archer
RR1 Stirling
1222 Minto Road
Stirling, ON
K0K 3E0

Phone number?

E-mail me if you need it.

Does Gloryosky have a social media presence?

Oh, yass! I most frequently use Twitter and Facebook, but you can find me at Instagram.

I hate your Hotbox/Trailer Park Boys/Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town/Republic of Doyle/etc. review.

I’m sure ancient reviews keep you up at night, sweet cheeks.