TV Review | Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks! 2.1 – Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter/The Master

Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks! (CHCH/CHEK/CJNT: second season premiered Saturday, September 25, 2010, midnight ET/PT) is one of those “if they find it, they find it” shows common to Canadian television.  Viewers and fans have most likely found new information about TMS! from this CHCH press release and, well, me.  Ed the Sock’s website is still “under construction,” while CHCH’s website is occupied with news and the odd full episode of Sportsline.

That’s a shame, since the second-season premiere of This Movie Sucks! is the best of the series.  There are still production problems – Ed the Sock points out that TMS!’ set is disintegrating in the season premiere.  The TMS! set looks slapped-together to begin with, so curtains don’t make a difference.

This Movie Sucks! has by now become a triad of Liana K, Ed the Sock and Ron Sparks.  Andrew Young’s on-screen role has been diminished by now, and he doesn’t even appear on TMS!‘ second-season premiere.  “Naked Dave” Ross, so named since he shows his bare torso off in many different costumes, does.

By now, This Movie Sucks! is comfortable in its riffing.  TMS! does an excellent takedown of Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter.  Fart jokes still exist on this show, but TMS! by and large points out plot holes in Jesse James… Quick Draw McGraw can see.

Naked Dave even dresses up as Jesse James…‘s featured monster.  The monster has a bare torso, so that’s his excuse.

Longtime readers might remember my review of The Master six years ago.  TMS!‘ print of The Master looks exactly like Platinum Disc Corporation’s.  I’m not saying TMS! cribbed the print from a DVD, but it looks washed-out and soft.  CBS Corporation now owns the series, so I have no idea how The Master is public domain.

The Master is awesomely slapdash.  It plays fast and loose with ninja lore, which isn’t surprising for a show starring Lee Van Cleef.  1980s ninja archetype Shô Kosugi is wasted as chief antagonist Okasa.

Hell, in some scenes Kosugi is Van Cleef’s stunt double.  Don’t ask me how that works.  Ask Michael Sloan.  He created the show.  The man had a fetish for ass-kicking older men back then.

Timothy Van Patten, now an accomplished television director, mushmouths his way through lame dialogue as Max Keller.  Van Cleef’s doubles look visibly thinner than the actor himself.  It’s Kung Fu meets The A-Team, right down to the custom-painted van and miscasting of a western star.  NBC would air anything in the early 1980s.

The riffing of The Master is as good as Jesse James…‘ riffing.  Granted, it’s The Master.  Mystery Science Theater 3000 based two episodes around the Master Ninja pseudofeatures this show became.  The Master is a no-brainer to riff.

Also, This Movie Sucks! has Roninja.  Allegedly, this is a ronin whose parents have been killed by the Yakuza Gang.  To that end, the ronin becomes a ninja, fighting crime at night.  Ron Sparks may or may not be Roninja.  Look it up on Wikipedia.

I hope This Movie Sucks! comes into its own this “season.”  The series has pretty much been bashed into shape, much like MST3K was in the pre-Comedy Central days.  I can’t see TMS! “graduate” to a higher budget or Showcase any time soon, but I’ll be happy if the show doesn’t cycle the first six episodes like it has this summer.  There’s only so much one can take of Wild Women of Wongo.

  • pal robinson

    Any updates on this show? It’s real frustrating that there is no info to be found on it on the net. New shows coming or what? Yes they make garbage like Being Frank and this great show they can’t even put on the web page? CHCH can be so stupid sometimes.

  • Hamish Paul Wilson

    I found the following message on a YouTube video comment:

    “To those who aren’t on facebook, Ed said that? he asked CHCH to stop airing reruns until new episodes return in the spring. These new episodes will air for one hour because he said that two hours were killing them. Reruns will still air on the other channels.”

    Wondering if it was true, I sent an email to the Sock King himself. His responses was as follows:

    “Yes, it’s true. We’re going to do 6 more. After that, we will re-assess. We have moved “I Hate Hollywood” to a fall launch so we can shoot it in LA, and there will be some big website news soon as well.”

    So we can expect more Ed in the not too distant future!

  • Kevin

    Shoot I was just going to post the same thing!
    Good news though I can’t wait for new episodes even if they are only doing six of them.
    Ron Sparks is high-larious.

  • w1n5t0n

    Just writing in to say I love the show, at least what I have seen so far (just two episodes)

  • Adam

    Just writing to say I’ve been following this show since episode 1 and I love it. Bummed out that there will be no more repeats and potentially only six more episodes, but oh well, it was awesome while it lasted. 🙂

  • Bev

    I love this show!

    They have to do more than just 6 more episodes.

    I am maybe the #1 Ron Sparks fan in the world and I love Ed n Liana too.

    I don’t care that they keep saying they have no $ it is still 100 times better than any other comedy show on TV –at least in Canada.

  • patrick

    ^ agree with bev

  • patrick

    ^ agree with bev on everything

  • Bev

    I think the number of posts here compared to other topics tells how popular this show is.

    I’m just glad they are making at least six more.

  • Hamish Paul Wilson

    “Shortly before the start of the 2011 Canadian federal election, Ed announced his intention to run for the Prime Minister of Canada as head of the new “Fed-Up Party”. The FU Party’s stated goals include fighting apathy and stupidity in government. One of the FU Party’s stated positions is that they are in support of Coalition governments, stating that “they’re kind of like threesomes — not the way things are traditionally done, but at least everyone gets some.””

  • Stills

    Any updates on this show? When is it returning with new episodes?

  • Hamish Paul Wilson

    From Ed’s recently started blog:

    “Currently producing more episodes of my TV series with Liana K, This Movie Sucks, and planning a re-launch of our website with a crapload of classic video content and new material (eventually).”

    So the new episodes are still coming, but still no update as to when. But considering it was confirmed to be shown in the “spring”, it can not be that much longer, unless his campaign for PM slows him down a bit.

  • v_s

    i hope they have new shows soon! i am sick and tired of being frank!!! that is the worst show ever how is it even on tv? is ron sparks or liana k running for deputy pm? lol ed is the best he’s got my vote.

  • To answer the question about The Being Frank Show, Frank D’Angelo paid CHCH for the airtime. Seriously.

  • Hamish Paul Wilson

    Apparently someone contacted Ed via Facebook and he confirmed the new season should air sometime in May.

  • nniicckk


  • Gothic Line

    boo! i thought roninja would have his own wikipedia page! may is almost over and no new episodes yet, i think we have been lied to again by chch but who cares when they give us such other good programs as “Being Frank Show”

  • xander

    you people didn’t actually believe they would have new shows on in may did you?

  • Harry Ball

    I just had to be comment #69